Soda Farls

Soda Farls recipe from Baking with Granny. Traditional Irish bread rolls, made with just 4 ingredients.

Much like Soda Bread, Soda Farls are a traditional Irish bread. Easy to make, baked on a griddle, and ready in less than 40 minutes. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Irish Soda Farl Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks If you are looking for an easy, delicious bread, that you […]


Easy flapjack recipe from Baking with Granny. Chewy flapjack, simple recipe, perfect to bake at home.

Tried & tested, and truly perfected – the only easy Flapjack recipe you’ll ever need. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Flapjack Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Us Scots love some oats. Of course there’s porridge, everyone’s favourite winter warmer, ideal to set you up on a dreich day. And […]

10 Best Recipes for Beginner Bakers

10 easy baking recipes for Beginner Bakers.

Here at Baking with Granny, we love to bake. (The clue is in the name!). I was extremely fortunate to grow up with a trained baker for a mother, and always have her on hand to keep me right on my own baking journey. However over the years I’ve been more & more aware that […]

Crumble Top Mince Pies

Crumble Top Mince Pies recipe from Baking with Granny. Delicious classic shortcrust mince pie, with a crumble topping.

A modern twist on the classic Christmas mince pie. With a rich shortcrust pastry casing, filled with delicious mincemeat, and topped with zesty crumble. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Crumble Top Mince Pies Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks I am SOOOO excited to share this recipe with you today. […]

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House recipe from Baking with Granny. Traditional UK recipe for a home made gingerbread house.

Ever wanted to make your very own Gingerbread House but not been sure where to start? This recipe for a home made Gingerbread House has all you will need, including a cut-out template. In This Post Amy’s Notes Ingredients Granny’s Top Tips FREE Gingerbread House Template Gingerbread House Recipe I don’t know what it is […]

Clootie Dumpling

Scottish Clootie Dumpling recipe from Baking with Granny. Complete guide to making a successful clootie dumpling.

A truly iconic Scottish dessert! Clootie Dumpling is a pudding like no other, with an interesting cooking method, that explains the name. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Clootie Dumpling Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Let me start this Clootie Dumpling recipe by saying there is a lot of information […]

Mummy Mars Bar Slices

Mummy Mars Bar Slice, a Halloween twist on the classic Scottish tray bake.

A spooky twist on the classic Scottish tray bake. Mummy Mars Bar Slices are sure to please monsters of any age! In This Post Amy’s Notes Ingredients Explanation Granny’s Top Tips Mummy Mars Bar Slices Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Last Halloween I shared a recipe for Monster Rice Krispy Squares, which I’ve been making […]

Plain Scones

Plain Scones recipe from Baking with Granny. Fool proof recipe for plain scones, easy to make and always delicious.

The only scone recipe you’ll ever need! Plain Scones provide the perfect base for almost any scone, so if you want to be a scone master, start here. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Plain Scones Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Granny has always had a knack for scones. I […]

Iced Finger Buns

Iced Finger Buns recipe from Baking with Granny. Sweet yeast buns, topped with deliciously sweet, sticky icing.

Super simple in concept but super delicious in taste. Iced Finger Buns are sweet yeast buns, topped with sticky icing. A real British classic! In This Post Amy’s Notes Ingredients Explanation Granny’s Top Tips Iced Finger Buns Recipe There’s some bakes that are almost too simple to work but somehow they do. And not only […]

Plum Cake

Quick and easy recipe for Plum Cake, using British Plums.

Simple to make and oh-so delicious, this easy Plum Cake is the perfect pudding to use up a glut of our families favourite seasonal fruit. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Explanation Granny’s Top Tips Plum Cake Recipe Usually when it comes to recipe ideas, I have them planned for months in […]

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Tripe Chocolate Cookies stack, made with UK recipe from Baking with Granny.

The very best recipe for super-sweet Triple Chocolate Cookies. Packed with plenty white, milk and dark chocolate. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Explanation Triple Chocolate Cookies Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Who doesn’t love a cookie? I’m a big fan of biscuits in general but cookies feel like they belong in […]

Food Blog Income Report 2020

Income Report for UK Food Blog. Traffic, income and expenses for UK based food bloggers.

In This Post Amy’s Notes Reasons for Sharing Traffic Report Income Total Expenses Total Hello and welcome back to another Income Report for my UK food blog. 2020 was certainly a year to remember, for many, many reasons! 2020 was also the third year in which I had made an income as a food blogger, […]

Food Blog Income Report 2019

Income Report for UK Food Blog. Traffic, income and expenses for UK based food bloggers.

In This Post Amy’s Notes Reasons for Sharing Traffic Report Income Total Expenses Total Welcome to my second Income Report for my food blog. As I explained in my Income Report for 2018, I have wanted to share these for a long time but wasn’t really sure where to start. So, to get us started, […]

Food Blog Income Report 2018

Income Report for UK Food Blog. Traffic, income and expenses for UK based food bloggers.

In This Post Amy’s Notes Reasons for Sharing Traffic Report Income Total Expenses Total Hi, hello! And welcome to my first ever Income Report for my food blog. I have considered doing Income Report for Baking with Granny for a long time now but haven’t really been sure where to start. So, why not start […]

Cinnamon Buns (UK Recipe)

Uk recipe from Cinnamon Rolls from Baking with Granny.. Delicious, doughy, perfect or breakfast.

After years of trying to find a American-style Cinnamon Bun recipe in the UK, I made my own. The best you’ll ever have, this side of the Atlantic! In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Granny’s Top Tips Cinnamon Rolls UK Recipe First things first. This is technically not a new recipe. In fact, […]

Jam Roly Poly

Jam Roly Poly recipe from Baking with Granny. Delicious golden roll, made with traditional suet dough. Filled with raspberry jam. Served in slices.

The classic comfort pudding of the UK. Jam Roly-poly is best served warm, with lots and lots of custard! In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Jam Roly-poly Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks Fun fact… Despite doing Baking with Granny for nearly 8 years now, I still consider myself a novice […]

Fudge Donuts

Scottish Fudge Donuts recipe from Baking with Granny. Yeast donuts, filled with custard, topped with homemade fudge icing.

Scottish Fudge Donuts, freshly baked and finished with a decadent homemade fudge icing. Iconic and instantly recognisable, regardless of what you call them. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Granny’s Top Tips Fudge Donuts Recipe Oh boy, have I got an indulgent recipe for you here! One I have been plotting, planning […]

Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones recipe from Baking with Granny. Traditional British scones, with a fruity twist.

Your classic British scone but with a fruity twist. Blueberry Scones are the new taste of summer! In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Explanation Granny’s Top Tips Blueberry Scones Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks There’s a few scones that I consider the classic. Plain, Fruit, Cheese, Cherry and Treacle. I’ve already shared […]

Petticoat Tail Shortbread

Petticoat Tails Shortbread, baked in a tart tin and cut into triangles.

Perhaps the most iconic kind of Scottish biscuits, Petticoat Tails Shortbread is best served with a cuppa or – better yet – a nip of whisky! In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Petticoat Tails Shortbread Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks It’s no secret that I love shortbread. Everyone loves shortbread […]

Marmalade Cake

Marmalade cake loaf, sliced into individual portions, with a small jar of open marmalade in the background.

Sweet, zesty, full of flavour! Marmalade cake is a delicious teatime treat, perfect for using up that jar of marmalade you’ve not been sure what to do with. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredients Explanation Granny’s Top Tips Marmalade Cake Recipe I’ve never been one of these people who craves marmalade. In […]

Upside-down Pineapple Cake

Upside-down Pineapple Cake, with golden pineapple rings, dotted with red glace cherries.

A stunning cake, with the perfect tropical flavour. Upside-down Pineapple Cake is a true showstopper! In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Ingredints List Upside-down Pinneapple Cake Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks You know me, I love a simple bake, especially one that looks deceivingly like a showstopper with very minimal effort. This upside-down […]

Scottish Strawberry Tarts

Scottish strawberry tarts, sat on a glass stand, with strawberries placed around.

When it comes to summer baking treats, is there anything better than a Scottish strawberry tart? In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Scottish Strawberry Tarts Recipe Free-from & Vegan Hacks File this recipe under, “bakes I thought were global but are actually really Scottish.” That list is continually growing. But […]

Biscoff Banana Loaf

Slices of Banana Biscoff bread, stacked on top of each other, with a couple of extra slices to the side and some Biscoff biscuits in the background.

Taking the humble banana bread to the next level with the addition of Biscoff – drum roll please for Biscoff Banana Loaf! How can you make banana loaf a million times better? Impossible, you may say. Take your humble but oh-so delicious banana bread, add a swirl of Biscoff spread, and top it with some […]

Custard Donuts

Stack of custard doughnuts on a black slate chopping board. The custard can be seen oozing from the sides of the sugar coated doughnuts.

Doughy little buns, stuffed full of delicious custard, before being rolled in a generous coating of sugar. Custard doughnuts are the top tier sweet treat. When it comes to doughnuts, particularly of the filled variety, custard will always be my preference. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a Jam Donut too – the flavour […]

Tattie Scones

Close view of a small pile of tattie scones. The golden browning on the surface of them can be seen. They are sat on top of a white & blue chequered tea towel.

Traditional Scottish recipe for potato scones, or as they’re better known as in Scotland, tattie scones. Originally published in November 2021. Updated in May 2023. Let me be honest here. This is a recipe I have made time and time again, with the intention of sharing it here on Baking with Granny. But every time […]

Sponge Drops

Small stack of Sponge Drop cakes, sandwiched together with fresh cream and strawberry jam. More Sponge Drops can be seen around the stack.

The perfect little cake! Sponge Drops are a lovely light cake, sandwiched with cream & jam. Perfect for afternoon tea or any special celebrations. Say hello to the cutest little cakes you’ve ever seen! Who doesn’t love a simple sponge, perfectly sandwiched with some cream and strawberry jam? How could you possibly improve on such […]

Victoria Scones

Victoria Scones on a wire rack. Freshly baked golden scones, finished with a cross and glace cherries.

A wonderful afternoon teatime treat, fit for royalty. Victoria scones are sweet, rich and simply delicious. How can you make the humble scone more delicious, more indulgent and more regal? I give you….Victoria Scones! I first came across a Victoria Scones recipe in one of my Granny’s many Be-Ro Books. Beyond the black & white […]

Cornflake Tart

Close up of a golden cornflake tart, on a round wooden board, with a spoonful of jam in the background.

Classic UK school dinner dessert. Cornflake tart is made with a sweet shortcrust pastry, a layer of jam and an irresistible syrupy cornflake topping. Talk about nostalgic! We all love a bit of nostalgic baking – that was the whole idea behind Baking with Granny after all. But one kind of baking that always seems […]

Scottish Snowballs

Scottish Snowballs recipe from Baking with Granny. Delightful little cakes, sandwiched with jam and rolled in coconut.

Traditional recipe for proper Scottish Snowballs. Delicious little buns, sandwiched with jam, and coated in icing & coconut. In This Post Amy’s Notes Questions & Answers Granny’s Top Tips Scottish Snowballs Recipe We have a few recipes that Granny is determined to share here on Baking with Granny (and a few I keep pestering her […]

Chocolate Easter Nests

Chocolate Easter Nests recipe from Baking with Granny. Made with cornflakes, milk chocolate and mini eggs.

Everyone’s favourite bake to make with kids. Chocolate coated cornflakes, topped with mini eggs – it can only be chocolate Easter nests! Is there a more iconic Easter baking recipe than the classic Chocolate Easter Nest? Super simple to make and an instant hit with children and adults alike. It’s almost like a right of […]

Morning Rolls

Scotch Morning Rolls recipe from Baking with Granny. Traditional recipe for Scottish morning rolls, perfect for breakfast.

Rolls, cobs, buns, stotties or even barm cakes… Whatever you call them, Scottish morning rolls are easy to make and even more delicious when freshly baked. I set myself a challenge this year to start baking some more savoury favourites. As tempting as it can be to bake endless sweet treats, there’s so many other […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies recipe from Baking with Granny. UK recipe for classic cookies, easy and simple to make.

An international classic, chocolate chip cookies are a timeless favourite with every generation. Bonus points for this being an edible cookie dough recipe too! Ok, so here we go! My chocolate chip cookies recipe. With so many chocolate chip cookie recipes already in existence, do I really need to share another? Honestly, probably not. But […]

Polka Dot Slice

Polka Dot Slice recipe from Baking with Granny. Easy tray bake cake for kids, made with coconut and rainbow chocolate drops (such as Smarties or M&Ms).

Easy and delicious tray bake, made with rainbow chocolate drops, coconut and vanilla. A family favourite but particularly loved by kids! Whenever I’m looking for inspiration for recipes, I go straight to my collection of old recipes books. Some from Granny (although those are very much on loan!) but most from Great-Granny. Some are proper […]

Brandy Snaps

Brandy Snaps recipe from Baking with Granny. Sweet, lacy, crunchy biscuits.

Sweet, lacy, crunchy biscuits. Easy to make – just be sure you have plenty of wooden spoons! Delicious filled with cream or made into little ice cream bowls. A special dessert with minimal effort. Welcome to that awkward lull between Christmas and New Year! Is it Tuesday? Saturday? Is it even still December?! Who knows. […]

Peppermint Creams

Peppermint creams. Little peppermint patties, dipped in dark chocolate.

Delicious little peppermint patty sweets, pressed with a fork and dipped in dark chocolate. Peppermint Creams make an excellent homemade gift. I will level with you. Chocolate and mint is not a combo I love. I mean, I don’t hate it. And when I do have it I’m always somewhat pleasantly surprised. Like with these […]


Easy trifle made to traditional Scottish recipe, featuring fruit cocktail, jelly, custard, cream and sprinkles.

Classic Scottish trifle recipe, just like your Granny used to make! Jelly, fruit & sponges, topped with custard, then cream, and finished with some sprinkles. “It’s a trifle! It’s got all of these layers. First, there’s a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard – which I made from scratch. Raspberries, more […]

Viennese Whirl Mince Pies

Sweet mince pies, made with shortcrust pastry, juicy mincemeat, and topped with a Viennese whirl.

A luxurious twist on the classic Christmas mince pie. With a rich shortcrust pastry casing, filled with delicious mincemeat, and topped with a Viennese whirl. December is finally upon us which means I’m in full-on festive fever! We have the Christmas tree up, the kids have written their lists to Santa and I’m on a […]

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men recipe from Baking with Granny. Easy ginger biscuits, finished with icing and sweeties.

Sweet, lightly spiced, crunchy gingerbread men biscuits. Shaped like little people and enjoyed by generations. It’s funny because growing up, I never really associate Gingerbread Men with Christmas. Granny always had a Gingerbread Man cutter, as well as a Gingerbread Women one too. And one of my favourite cook books she had featured a recipe […]

Christmas Cake

Classic Christmas Cake recipe. Rich fruit cake, topped with marzipan and fondant icing. Decorated with a fondant snowman and Christmas Tree.

Finally! Granny’s secret recipe for the perfect Christmas cake! Beautifully rich fruit cake, filled with all your favourite dried fruits, glace cherries, almonds… And of course, booze! If you want – there’s a no-booze option too. I’ve been saying I would publish our Christmas Cake recipe for years now and finally decided make it happen […]

Jam & Coconut School Cake

School Cake recipe, topped with jam and coconut.

Another take on our now-famous school cake recipe… This time we’ve gone for the jam and coconut school cake version. Just as delicious, with or without the pink custard accompaniment! Let’s flash it back to summer 2020. We’re mid pandemic but between lockdowns in the UK. Baking with Granny has sky-rocketed in the online world […]

Banana Cupcakes

Banana cupcakes, similar to banana loaf but lighter in texture and with a vanilla buttercream finish.

Recipe originally published in 2018. Updated and republished in 2022. There’s nothing like some over-ripe bananas to get me in the mood for baking. The go-to recipe is of course Banana Loaf but having made countless loafs in recent months (including one still lurking in my freezer!) it was time to put the bananas to […]

Monster Rice Krispy Squares

Frankenstein Rice Krispy Squares recipe.

There was me just saying that I’m not that big on Halloween, and here I am with another Halloween recipe for you! I’ll be honest though, these Monster Rice Krispy Squares are not a new recipe for me. I have been making them for the boys for years now. In fact, I think the first […]

Spider Web Biscuits

Spider web biscuits recipe from Baking with Granny.

If I’m honest, these Spider Web Biscuits were a bit of an after thought for me this year. For those who know me, this statement is often unexpected to hear… I’m not big on Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, the spooky aesthetic and dark décor certainly appeals to my inner-goth. In fact I usually find […]

Krispy Date Slice

Dates seem to have had a real jump in popularity in recent years…the dried fruit that is! It seems like most breakfast and health food bars now use a date-base, which is understandable, given they hold lots of health benefits. However, healthy is not a word you’d use to describe this Krispy Date Slice. Delicious […]

Rhubarb Crumble

I’ve always found rhubarb to be quite an underrated vegetable (yes, it is technically a vegetable – yes, I did just Google that to check!). Underrated even though it seems like every other garden in the UK has it growing in abundance. So what do you do with all that extra rhubarb in your garden, […]

Cheese Scones

Whenever I share a scone recipe, I always say it’s my favourite and each time I genuinely mean it! The truth is, I’m just a bit of a scone super-fan…whose favourite changes almost daily. Today? Today my favourite is cheese scones. And I have the very best cheese scone recipe for you to try too. […]

Nanaimo Slice

Nanaimo Slice recipe from Baking with Granny. Nanaimo Bars traybake.

Have you heard of Nanaimo Slice? Also often called Nanaimo Bars! This is one of many recipes I came across in Granny’s repertoire that left me intrigued. My first question…how do you even pronounce it?! A quick Google search told me that it is pronounced “nuh-nai-mow“. And that it is also a city in Canada! […]

Jam Donuts

Name me one thing that is better than a fresh Jam Donut. Soft doughy balls, stuffed full of your favourite flavour of jam, in a generous coating of sweet sugar. I will wait. Now we’ve established that Jam Donuts truly are top tier sweet treats, lets talk about why you should make a batch of […]

Hungarian Chocolate Biscuits

Hungarian chocolate biscuit cookies.

Recipe originally published June 2016. Updated and republished in April 2022. Granny has this drawer in her kitchen. This particular drawer is quite special. It’s the drawer that if organised, could form an entire series of cookbooks. It could only be described as Granny’s Recipe Drawer. These Hungarian Chocolate Biscuits is one of – what […]

Soda Bread

Slice Irish soda bread.

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Having shared a couple of Welsh recipes for St David’s Day earlier this month, it seemed only right that I shared an Irish recipe for today. And what is a more iconic Irish bake than Soda Bread? Similar to that of our Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith recipes, I was keen […]

Welsh Cakes

Welsh cakes recipe from Baking with Granny. Traditional for St David's Day.

It’s no secret that here at Baking with Granny, we are a very Scottish family – in fact we have a large selection of Scottish recipes. With that in mind, Welsh Cakes may come as a bit of surprise. That being said, we do actually have a lot of family in Wales. Papa in particular […]

Bara Brith

Bara Brith. sliced and ready to enjoy on St David's Day

Happy St David’s Day! Or to our Welsh cousins, “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!” It is no secret that here at Baking with Granny we are firmly a Scottish family but in celebration of the National Welsh holiday, we have managed to obtain a couple of traditional Welsh recipes to share with you. The first being […]

Almond Slice

Almond Slice recipe, delicious traybake with a pastry base, jam layer and almond sponge top.

Recipe originally published May 2017. Updated and republished in February 2022. A sure sign of a recipe being a winner is when half of it is gone before I even manage to get photos! I knew the kids would like Almond Slice, given their love for Mr Kipling Bakewell Slices but I hadn’t anticipated making […]

Cherry Scones

Three cherry scones stacked on top of each other, on a baking tray and red chequered tea towel.

Traditional sweet scone recipe, jewelled with glace cherries to make the best ever cherry scones. With lots of tips and tricks for the perfect scone. Scones will forever remind me of my first job. It was a little café-come-florists and I was a waitress at age 15, working for £3.50/hour. Alongside countless cappuccinos, lattes and […]

Butterfly Cakes

My kids reaction upon seeing these Butterfly Cakes in my kitchen was, “wooooah, look at those cupcakes!” What was a perfectly innocent response of glee and excitement actually made me feel a unexpected pang of sadness. When I think of my childhood and in particular birthday parties, a few foods come to mind. Cocktail sausages, […]

Honey Slice

Honey Slice tray bake, cut into individual portions and stacked on top of each other. The oat, cornflake and honey tray cake is golden in colour.

Delicious and easy-to-make tray bake, with oats, cornflakes, coconut and honey. Honey Slice is a wonderful snack that the whole family will love. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming this was our infamous Flapjack…but on closer inspection and taste, you will find that it is actually quite different. Coconut, cornflakes, and of course […]

Scottish Macaroons

Scottish macaroon recipes, made with potato, chocolate and coconut!

Whenever I ask people what recipe they would like to see the most on Baking with Granny, Scottish Macaroons is the one that is requested, more than any other recipe. Always with one stipulation…”the kind made with potato!” Yes, you read that right…potato! Mashed potato to be exact. And in my experience, I find not […]

Swiss Roll

Don’t be afraid to try baking a Swiss Roll – with this super simple recipe you can make a delicious and beautiful Swiss Roll of your own. Swiss Roll is cake that reminds me of being a kid. There’s something quite comforting about a little swirly roll of cake, filled with sweet strawberry jam. It’s […]


There’s a handful of things which Granny has baked throughout my childhood, that to this day can transport me back in time. Just the mere smells of meringues baking takes me back to Granny’s kitchen circa 1998, when she used to churn out dozens of them for the local cafes to serve.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns recipe from Baking with Granny. No-frills, easy and traditional.

More than just a nursery rhyme, hot cross buns are a staple bake for Easter time here in the UK. Homemade is always better – fact! Brighter days are coming! The weather is (somewhat) improving, the nights are lighter and the new leaves are starting to appear on the trees. All the signs that Spring […]

Custard Tarts

Custard Tarts recipe. Traditional recipe for small custard tarts, with fresh pastry and freshly made custard.

The humble Custard Tart. Who’d have thought a little pastry bowl, filled with some creamy custard could be so delicious? Something so simple but that works so unbelievably well. I had actually been thinking about doing this recipe for a while now but the idea of experimenting with custard somewhat scared me. Hands up, I’m […]

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe from Baking with Granny. Sweet, moist date sponge, drowned in a sweet and creamy toffee sauce.

There’s one pudding that always makes an appearance in the Baking with Granny household at Christmas (or any special occasion to be honest) and that is Sticky Toffee Pudding. Why Sticky Toffee Pudding is always a winner in our house is simple…it is amazing! A real family favourite for all of us; soft, sticky sponge, […]

Rocky Road

As the end of 2020 approaches, I think we can all agree it’s been one heck of year. With that in mind, lets get a traybake that throws caution to the wind and ticks every possible box of sweetness you can imagine. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rocky Road!

Pumpkin Biscuits

Pumpkin face iced biscuits recipe

Hands up if you can’t quite believe we’re into October 2020? It has been a rather crazy year, that’s for sure. And it would seem that Halloween, much like the rest of 2020, will be somewhat different this year. It’s for that reason I decided to make this Pumpkin Biscuits recipe. For a while now […]

Viennese Fingers

Recipe for easy Viennese biscuits. Buttery biscuits, dipped in chocolate and sandwiched with buttercream.

My tried and tested, easy recipe for Viennese finger biscuits – no piping bag required! There’s a few recipes that I’ve set myself a challenge to perfect over the years and Viennese Fingers is definitely one of those. And let me tell you, it’s been a long, bumpy road! Biscuits are one of my most […]

School Cake

School Cake recipe by Baking with Granny. Sponge cake with white icing and rainbow sprinkles.

When I first set out to make this recipe I wondered if School Cake was now a thing of the past. The boys however informed me that you do still indeed get School Cake at lunchtime, albeit not everyday, nor after a ‘nutritious’ serving of Turkey Twizzlers and chips! School dinners are something that seems […]


I’m going through a serious biscuit obsession at the moment. I used to be all about chocolate but since switching to a more plant-based diet, biscuits are my new go-to for a sugar hit. And Gingernuts are up there as one of my most favourites. These Gingernuts have everything you’d expect from any ginger biscuit. […]

Carrot Cake

There’s a few conversations from my High School years that stick in my mind. There is one in particular though, which I always recall when someone mentions Carrot Cake!

Rasp Buns

Rasp Buns recipe from Baking with Granny. Easy buns, with raspberry jam filling.

Another easy-to-make, traditionally Scottish recipe. Rasp Buns are not only quick to make but they are so delicious that they’ll quickly disappear too! The world is a strange place right now. And if you’re someone reading this in the future, this recipe for Rasp Buns was published in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic… One […]

Easy Bread

>Bread is a recipe I’ve wanted to share on Baking with Granny for quite some time, and right now with all that is going on in the world, it seems like a pretty good time to get my bum in gear and share our Easy Bread recipe with the world. Bread is always one of […]

Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts - recipe for traditional Scottish Pineapple Tarts from Baking with Granny.

There’s many recipes I’ve talked about on Baking with Granny which I never realised were regional to Scotland. And it wasn’t until I started researching Pineapple Tarts that I found they are a somewhat exclusively Scottish treat. I can always remember being drawn to Pineapple Tarts, staring at them through the glass cabinet at our […]

Coffee Kisses

Coffee Kiss biscuits recipes from Baking with Granny. Easy coffee biscuits, sandwiched with coffee buttercream.

Delicious coffee biscuits, sandwiched together with coffee buttercream – coffee kisses are a real treat for any coffee lover. Do you know what makes me feel like I’m failing as a mother more than any other thing…? My dislike for coffee. There, I said it. I’m not a coffee fan. So the process of making […]

Date and Walnut Loaf

Date & Walnut Loaf recipe from Baking with Granny. Easy home made date and walnut cake.

Deliciously easy cake, loaded with sticky dates and sweetly-rich walnuts. Date and walnut loaf is the perfect tea time treat. There’s something quite comforting about a slice of cake that’s been bakes in loaf-form. I think it’s because it reminds me of being in a quaint little coffee shop. And Date and Walnut Loaf is […]

Biscoff Cheesecake

Biscoff Cheesecake recipe from Baking with Granny.

If you’re looking for an overindulgent pudding, you’ve come to the right place. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the only cheesecake you will ever need, perfect for finishing off your Christmas dinner… Biscoff Cheesecake! In fact, this cheesecake is perfect for finishing any kind of meal. Creamy, sweet and jam packed with biscuits. And […]

Gingerbread Truffles

Gingerbread Truffles recipe from Baking with Granny. Delicious biscuit truffles, coated in white chocolate.

After Granny’s Christmas Truffles were such a hit last year, I thought I’d have a go at another kind of truffle this festive season. After a bit of consideration I decided to go with one of my favourite festive flavours and whip together some Gingerbread Truffles. I think the best sign of being on to […]

Vegan No-sausage Rolls

I love myself a sweet recipe, that’s no secret. But when it comes to recipes at this time of year, it’s good to have some savoury options available too. With endless Christmas parties, you need snacks to feed the masses and these Vegan No-sausage Rolls are sure to be a hit with your plant-based friends, […]

Chocolate Orange Fudge

Chocolate Orange Fudge recipe for the slow cooker

When it comes to festive flavours, there’s a few that will always be iconic in my books. Gingerbread, peppermint and mixed spice to name a few; any recipe involving them and I need a Michael Buble playlist to accompany it. Along with those is of course chocolate orange and this Chocolate Orange Fudge is the […]

Peppermint Slice

Peppermint slice recipe from Baking with Granny. Mint chocolate tray bake, with peppermint cream filling and chocolate topping.

It’s no secret how much I love a tray bake. They’re some of the easiest recipes to make and everyone has a favourite. One of the most requested tray bakes we get though is Peppermint Slice. This super simple tray bake is a big favourite with The Boys. Both have recently discovered mint-chocolate ice cream […]


Irresistible little mini ring donuts, made with our ultimate doughnut recipe, which can be used for any kind of doughnut. Who doesn’t love a donut? Fresh from the fryer, coated in sugar, glazed to perfection or filled with something sweet. The options are endless and oh-so delicious! One of the great things about homemade donuts […]

Coffee Buns

In the interest of being upfront, there’s something I should mention about this recipe for Coffee Buns before we get started… They contain no coffee. None at all. Let me explain…