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Hello, I’m Amy, the voice-behind and creator-of Baking with Granny.

Amy's Favourite Recipe: Custard Tarts

Having grown up in the walls that housed Granny’s cake making business, I had always been surrounded by home baking. However it was only once I left home to live in Edinburgh, and I found myself no longer surrounded by the smell of cakes in the oven, that I hankered for that familiar aroma in my own house. And when asking my Mum for recipes, it became apparent that so many weren’t written down.


I took action! I started writing down, converting, organising and sharing my Mum – my kids Granny – recipes. And so in 2015 Baking with Granny was born. Prior to this I had always wrote blogs; be it about my favourite bands, fashion & lifestyle, motherhood, etc. This was initially another hobby to keep me busy…because being a Mum of two toddlers, whilst also working fulltime wasn’t already keeping me busy enough!


In 2017, upon realising I was going to become a single Mum, I took a massive leap of faith and left my job of 7 years to invest time into making Baking with Granny my fulltime job, whilst also being able to stay home for my sons as they started school. Thankfully, things paid off and all my work into Baking with Granny led to demonstrating at food festivalsnewspaper features, TV & radio appearances and even a few awards.


Now I get to live my dream of baking and creating recipes, in the comfort of our home in East Lothian. My personal favourite part though is the photography/videography and website design & maintenance – my amazing husband even built me a garden office for that part!


Outside the kitchen and office you will find me running for miles, spending time with my husband, or tending to my ever-growing collection of houseplants!

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This is my Mum, also known as Christine. And Granny.

Granny's Favourite Recipe: Empire Biscuit

Granny first found her love for baking like many of us, whilst watching her own Granny bake; in particular Drop Scones, every Sunday when she visited her Grandparents in Hawick.


In the 1970s, this love of baking began to grow when Granny had a particularly nice Home Economics teacher, who encouraged her curiosity in all things bakes and cakes. This led to Granny experimenting and baking at home by herself too. And at 14 years old, Granny started her first job at a local café. The owner of said café was a retired baker, who taught Granny how to fill and put lids on pies “the professional way!”


With an already immense passion and undeniable talent for baking, in 1976 Granny left school and headed off to do a bakers course at Glasgow College of Food Technology. And she still has her folders of study notes to this day!


Upon graduating, Granny headed back to East Lothian and worked in a small family bakery for a couple of years, mainly making sweet cakes & bakes, before moving on to a instore bakery where she perfected her skills in making most baked goods. Eventually Granny left the bakeries behind to have her children, at which point she started working from home with her infamous cake-making business, Christine’s Cakes.


Granny officially retired a couple of years ago now but can still be found in the kitchen most days, either baking up something delicious, or cooking Papa’s dinner! Aside from baking, Granny loves to spend her time in her sewing room, going for walks and dabbling in different arts & crafts.

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the Boys

Those cheeky little faces are the boys;
my sons John and David.

John is 12 and loves hanging out with his friends and is obsessed with mountain biking. He could tell you anything you need to know about supercars, and he likes to track planes and gritters.


David is 10 and loves Roblox, basketball, exploring nature and The Nightmare Before Christmas. He has been growing his hair since 2020 and has no intention of getting it cut. He is also the noodle master.


They too have grown up surrounded by baking, although in the form of me developing recipes and preparing for Foodies Festival.

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