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Not at present, I’m afraid. It is 100% something we would LOVE to do and hopefully will in the not too distant future. But recent years have been a bit overwhelming which has meant the timing just wasn’t right for it yet. However if you are a literary agent or publisher, or have a contact in either of those areas, feel free to get in touch!

No, not anymore. Granny did have a very successful cake making business when I was growing up and I did start following in these footsteps when I became a single Mum, as a way to increase my income. But I decided a while back that this wasn’t the path for me and instead put my full focus into Baking with Granny.

The only cakes and baking I now do to order are for two little boys on their birthdays, and my husband (if he’s lucky!).

I’ve actually written an entire post on this: Why do we use Grams?

However, since writing that post we do now use a plugin for our recipes which does convert the ingredient quantities to cups/ounces, where possible. This is currently only on new recipes and a select few older recipes. But with this being an exact conversion from grams, it can sometimes give obscure quantities (eg. “1.61 cups”).

With that in mind I will still always recommend baking our recipes as they are originally published – in grams.

No, I’m afraid not. To do so is a lot of work, particularly for something I’m not at all passionate about or have a in-depth understanding of either. I would much rather invest that time into developing new recipes and taking photos of pretty home baking! There are plenty of calorie counting websites out there, which you can pop our recipes into though.
When I am aware of ingredients being tricky to obtain abroad, I will always try and include an alternative in the ingredients description. If this isn’t the case, let me know on either Facebook/Instagram or in an email, and I will try and find what will work best for you.
I’m sorry to hear that! Granny has always taught me that, “baking is a science.” With that in mind, it could be any number of things that has went wrong. The smallest discrepancy in baking can make a huge difference. I would always recommend reading and then re-reading a recipe before you start. But if you are sure you have followed the recipe to the letter and still aren’t having success, let me know on either Facebook/Instagram or in an email, and we can try and troubleshoot what has gone wrong.
Yes, I guess you could say that. I am self-employed and it is my main source of income but the hours are quite erratic, so it doesn’t always look or feel like a typical “full time” job. Sometimes I can be fortunate enough to take a break from blogging for days/weeks but on the flipside, there is times of the year when I am working every waking moment (hello, November into December!). It has taken me many hours, over many years and many great leaps of faith to get to this point though. Blogging is by no means a way to make a quick buck!

With years of hard work! But in all seriousness, the majority of my income from Baking with Granny comes from advertising. Those wee banners that pop up in the sidebar and in the recipes? That is my income right there! And I am forever grateful for our readers for accepting that and making it possible for me to earn a living from creating recipes, whilst being able to stay home with my kids as they grow up.

All the recent photos for recipes on Baking with Granny are taken by myself using my Nikon D500 with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. Prior to that, it would be my Nikon D3100 and 50mm f/ lens. And for videos I use my Samsung Galaxy S22 phone.

The photos of myself, Granny and the boys were taken by Kerry Crichton Photography (who also done our wedding photos!).

The photos from Foodies Festival(s) will have been taken by the wonderful Steven at Flare Photography.

No. There was a time when I would occasionally accept guest posts but nowadays I only post recipes that we have created and verified for ourselves. It’s what our readers know and love!

I like to maintain a degree of trust with the readers of Baking with Granny and having worked in retail and sales for many years, I know how difficult it can be to remain unbiased when I am being compensated to sell a product. As such, any ingredients/products sent to me will be done on a purely gifted basis. And if I wish to share these on social media I will always follows the current ASA Guidelines in doing so (eg. using the hashtag “#AD-gifted“).

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