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Rock Buns recipe from Baking with Granny.

Rock Buns

It was actually one of our lovely Twitter followers who’d requested this recipe and of course, Granny had her go-to

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Baking with Granny at Christmas

Hello, I'm Amy,

the voice-behind and creator-of Baking with Granny.

So many of us have fond memories of baking with our parents and grandparents. Good old fashioned home baking, made to traditional family recipes, which are passed down through generations.

It was from my own experiences and memories of this that Baking with Granny was born…

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“Without wishing to sound rude, I wish I could go through your drawers! I hope someone offers you a book deal, it is lovely to see such good recipes that you have to offer.” – Karen

Amy's Favourite


The ultimate Autumnal indulgence. Warm, spiced flavours, in a soft & sticky loaf cake.


Best served sliced with a generous spreading of butter.

Gingerbread loaf recipe from Baking with Granny. Sliced loaf, made with ground ginger, treacle and golden syrup.