Easter Rice Crispy Squares

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Rice Crispy Squares

When it comes to Easter Baking there’s few things that can beat a Hot Cross Bun but due to their ease to make, tray bakes are a good competitor. Last year we shared our Maltesers Slice recipe with a Easter twist and this year we’ve done it again with these Easter themed Rice Crispy Squares.

Of course Rice Crispies Squares make a delicious treat all year round but when you add some Mini Eggs to them, it takes them to a whole other level.

In theory these are a very simple tray bake to whip together; that being said, they are stickier than any other substance known to man. Don’t let that put you off baking them with kids though because if anyone doesn’t mind eating sticky mess from their fingers, it’s definitely kids!

Chocolate Easter nests may be the most iconic of Easter treats to make with kids but these Rice Krispies Squares are a little twist on what is already a favourite snack time treat in our house. And with that in mind, you don’t need to reserve this recipe just for Easter.

Why not keep your Rice Krispy Squares classic, with just the cereal and marshmallows. Or if it’s not the season for the Mini Eggs that this recipe suggests, why not add some Smarties or M&Ms? Or if you prefer a slightly healthier alternative to sugar-coated chocolates, then try adding some dried fruit and nuts. The options are endless!

Either way a tray of these sticky little squares will feed your entire family and asking to have just one more.


One of the two main staples of this recipe. In terms of marshmallows, you’ll see in the video I use mini marshmallows. Why? Well, simply because they’re what I had at the time! Your average pink and white marshmallows will also fair just fine.
One thing to avoid however is the Haribo Chamallows – their sugar coating is not your friend in an already super sticky mixture.

Butter or Margarine
Whichever you use is personal preference; I tend to use margarine to cut out the dairy but either is fine. It serves as a way to loosen up the marshmallows and make them more workable, so be sure to mix through before adding the rice krispies.

Rice Krispies
They can be branded or store-own rice crispies, it doesn’t matter at all. And if you can’t get your hands on rice crispies, you can also swap them out for an alternative cereal of choice. They’ll just become cornflake squares or cherrio squares, in that case!

Granny’s Top Tips:

•  You can also melt your marshmallows in a pan on the hob, however I find it easier & less washing up to use the microwave.

Rice Crispy Squares

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Rice Crispiy Squares

Rice Crispy Squares

Prep Time: 15 minutes



  • Generously grease a traybake cake tin with butter and set aside.
  • Melt the marshmallows in 30 second bursts in the microwave.
  • Add butter, rice crispies & mini eggs/smarties (optional) and mix well.
  • Transfer mixture to your pre-greased tin and press into tin with the back of a spoon.
  • Optional: Top with Mini Eggs/Smarties by pushing into the top of your Rice Crispy Squares before they set.
  • Leave to set for a few hours and cut into individual squares.
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3 Responses

  1. I love easy no bake treats like these – I make crispy cakes a lot this time of year. (say excuse to consume more mini eggs!). thank you for linking up to #Bakeoftheweek x

  2. Oopppss….a total utter failure for me! I used Haribo marshmallows and they turned into such glue i literally glued my hands together and had to get my husband to rescue me. The marshmallow ended up as one huge gluey mass and rice crispies all.over the kitchen. Im sure the recipe works but just not with Haribo marshmallows!

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