Jam & Coconut School Cake

School Cake recipe, topped with jam and coconut.

Another take on our now-famous school cake recipe… This time we’ve gone for the jam and coconut school cake version. Just as delicious, with or without the pink custard accompaniment! Let’s flash it back to summer 2020. We’re mid pandemic but between lockdowns in the UK. Baking with Granny has sky-rocketed in the online world […]

Banana Cupcakes

Banana cupcakes, similar to banana loaf but lighter in texture and with a vanilla buttercream finish.

Recipe originally published in 2018. Updated and republished in 2022. There’s nothing like some over-ripe bananas to get me in the mood for baking. The go-to recipe is of course Banana Loaf but having made countless loafs in recent months (including one still lurking in my freezer!) it was time to put the bananas to […]