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Rocky Road

Prep Time30 mins
Setting Time4 hrs
Servings: 9



  • Line a 20x20cm baking tray with some greaseproof paper and set aside.
  • Crush the digestive biscuits, either by pulsing in a blender or placing them in a freezer bag and hitting with a rolling pin. You want to leave some reasonable sized bits of biscuit to add some texture and crunch to your Rocky Road.
  • Place into a large bowl. Add about 3/4 of the marshmallows and all of the cherries & nuts. Set aside.
  • Melt the dark chocolate, butter/margarine, golden syrup, sugar and cocoa powder over a bain-marie or in short bursts in the microwave.
  • Once completely melted, add to the bowl of digestives, marshmallows (ect...) and mix well, ensuring everything is coated in the chocolate mixture.
  • Spoon the mixture into your pre-lined tray, pressing it down and paying special addition to the corners. Scatter the remaining marshmallows on top, pressing them into place.
  • Melt the white chocolate over a bain-marie or in short bursts in the microwave, before drizzling over the top of your Rocky Road to finish.
  • Leave to set in the fridge for at least 4 hours or ideally overnight, before cutting into individual portions.